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The NGO Cosmos for Humanity aims to raise awareness among the general public and economic actors about the sustainable development of space activities, while supporting innovative projects that address the issue of space pollution. 

Our mission is to promote the sustainable development of space activities in Europe by pursuing a double objective:


To make the theme of space pollution concrete and accessible to as many people as possible: consumers, companies, political decision-makers.


Promote projects of European researchers and startups in the framework of partnerships, competitions and calls for projects. 

By committing to the sound management of space pollution, Cosmos for Humanity and the Cosmos Rangers are working to protect the environment and preserve our satellite capabilities, which contribute to the monitoring of 40 climate change factors as well as to the achievement of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our vision

If the New Space has made it legitimate for private actors to pollute Space,
it has made it equally legitimate for them to preserve it



  • Creation of the logo with the advice of the agency Nodesign
  • Creation of the NGO C4H in Switzerland and France
  • Work on the legal viability of the project with the firm Créhange&Laux
  • Work on the economic viability of the project with the EM-LYON Junior Council
S2 - 2021


  • Creation of the website
  • Recognition by the Swiss Tax Administration of the general interest of the Earth Orbit Preservation mission. C4H is authorized to issue tax receipts to its donors
  • Participation in the first New Space Conference in France at the invitation of the director of sustainable development of the French space agency (CNES)
  • First version of the C4H Whitepaper
S1 - 2022


  • Partnership with CNES to promote the sustainable development of space activities in Europe
  • Elaboration of the conceptual bases of the "Outer Space Footprint" (OSF) in collaboration with the CNES and in consultation with economic actors directly or indirectly concerned by the problem of space pollution
  • Preparation of the Gitcoin GR15 in the framework of the ReFi DAO Summer Cohort
S2 - 2022


  • Release of the OSF report
  • Finalization of the work on the C4H Charter standards
  • Rise of the Cosmos Rangers community and partnerships with other projects in the field of ReFi
  • First works concerning Aranrhod™
S1 - 2023

Lift off

  • First Guardian compliance studies conducted by the Cosmos Rangers Community 
S2 - 2023

Cosmos Rangers

- Development of space activities

Our Values

Transparency - Cosmos For humanity


Make relevant information accessible to as many people as possible.


Federate and encourage synergies between actors.

Responsibility - Cosmos For Humanity


Faced with space pollution, we are all responsible.

Audacity - Cosmos For Humanity


Who dares wins.

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